4.4.11. Visual Studio 2017 (vs2017)

Visual Studio 2017. Special properties

This toolset supports the same special properties that Visual Studio 2010 (vs2010). The only difference is that they are prefixed with vs2017.option. instead of vs2010.option., i.e. the nodes are:

  • vs2017.option.Globals.*
  • vs2017.option.Configuration.*
  • vs2017.option.* (this is the unnamed PropertyGroup with global settings such as TargetName)
  • vs2017.option.ClCompile.*
  • vs2017.option.ResourceCompile.*
  • vs2017.option.Link.*
  • vs2017.option.Lib.*
  • vs2017.option.Manifest.* Properties All targets

vs2017.projectfile (type: path)

File name of the project for the target.

Default: $(id).vcxproj in the same directory as the .sln file

Inheritable from parent: no

vs2017.guid (type: string)

GUID of the project.

Default: automatically generated

Inheritable from parent: no Modules

vs2017.solutionfile (type: path)

File name of the solution file for the module.

Default: same name as the module’s bakefile, with .sln extension, in @srcdir

Inheritable from parent: no

vs2017.generate-solution (type: bool)

Whether to generate solution file for the module. Set to false if you want to omit the solution, e.g. for some submodules with only a single target.

Default: True

Inheritable from parent: no